Who doesn't like a good fantasy map?

I can make one for you

My name is Pieter Rottiers and I live near Antwerp, Belgium. I studied geography in college and took a job in the field of earth observation at the federal government. During the day that's where you'll find me, but at night, when obligations and social life allow, I create maps for fantasy writers, travel bloggers and would-be explorers. 


Maps have interested me from a very young age. They illustrate the places where things happen – whether that be in the real world or a meticulously developed fictional one. Their style, colour scheme and topo-nymes give you a better idea of how this world works than a description of a 1,000 words. The best maps go far beyond just informing the reader: they capture their interest, call up visions of new and exciting places and drag them into the narrative with captivating ferocity.


These are the maps I try to make. You can find an overview of my work by visiting my Portfolio. Be sure to check out References from past clients as well. If these get you interested, hit the Contact button and give me a yell!

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