Alexander Econome – Runes, the Tabletop RPG™

“This is the most energetic, devoted, and insightful artist I have had the pleasure to work with. From small colored pencil sketches (and they were rough sketches), he brought the world of Heimfold to life. I cannot more highly recommend a cartographer; he responds timely to all inquiries, updates, and requests for the maps he does – even after the work is done. You are missing out if you use any other cartographer” 

Chatheesha Jasotharan — Tentivu RPG

Pieter is an all around great guy. Not only did he help bring the world to life, but he helped expand upon little ideas and inspiration that helps give that extra bit of character. Frequent updates, great communication, Pieter excels with his craft, and I am very glad that I had chosen him and I know he'll do the same great work with you!

Brad Hall — Adventures Unlimited, Ltd

Pieter was a joy to work with as we developed a map for our role-playing world.  He provided frequent updates, relevant suggestions, and even ideas when asked.  Pieter provided a finished product very quickly and didn't complain when we made changes after he thought we were done.  I would heartily recommend him and his work to anyone.

Pazbi Zavatzki — Deuterra RPG

“Pieter is a professional cartographer. I have worked with several artists online before but none have provided me a service as complete and as well communicated as Pieter. I look forward to when we can work together again.”

Caenwyr Cartography  —

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