Christopher Brimmage

— Mandril P.I.

"Pieter is amazing! I could not be more thrilled by his work. Not only can he bring to life incredibly outlandish concepts (like my novel’s cartoon city with different architectural styles for every neighborhood), his depth of thought for why buildings would have particular features and how city design would change in different environments is unmatched. While I’ve worked with other cartographers in the past, I can't see myself working with a different one in the future. You won’t be disappointed with Pieter!"

David Vissers

— Origins of Undirras

"With the release of my second book approaching, I had been searching for a cartographer that matched my attention to detail and when I saw Pieter's map of Møstrvæya, I knew at that moment that I had found the right cartographer to bring Undirras to life! Due to having so much content already published featuring Undirras, we had quite a few details that were set in stone for my world. I gave Pieter a sketch of what I had been working with, details regarding what had already been covered in the books, and what I envisioned. He was professional, thorough, prompt with inquiries & updates, and very insightful throughout the entire process; we left no stone unturned!

There were a few specific details that we kept going over until they were perfect and he was so devoted and energetic in helping me get the details down. I had commissioned a greyscale world map designed for a paperback novel with a full color counterpart for my online presence.

I was completely blown away with the finished product! In both, greyscale and color, he has completely illustrated Undirras beyond my expectations. His patience and attention to detail are second to none. Thank you, Pieter, for dedicating all those long hours into my world and the devotion you put forth with your talent. You have earned a life-long customer and I will definitely be back with future projects!

William Shore

— Aeash World Map

"The map was near-perfect, captured everything that I knew about the world and (as I found out) was also true to the Dungeon Master's vision of it.  Pieter consulted me and kept me up to date on each stage and presented me with questions for how to improve it right up until the final version was sent to me. Excellent service, excellent work and it made my DM cry just as intended."

Kevin Young – Inspiring Games™

— Mor Nadar, Lord of the Horde

"We have an ambitious project, to create and breathe life into a world shared by more than 3,000 people. I am a dreamer and wanted somebody to help take those dreams and challenge them from a geographical and geological perspective to help fashion something which has one foot leaping into epic fantasy and one foot grounded in realism. Pieter provided that challenge and delivered on every aspect of his briefing, he helped bring Mor Nadar to life and create a world for our backers to escape to. I would wholeheartedly recommend the services of this world class cartographer."


Alexander Econome — Runes, the Tabletop RPG™

— Heimfold maps

"This is the most energetic, devoted, and insightful artist I have had the pleasure to work with. From small colored pencil sketches (and they were rough sketches), he brought the world of Heimfold to life. I cannot more highly recommend a cartographer; he responds timely to all inquiries, updates, and requests for the maps he does – even after the work is done. You are missing out if you use any other cartographer."

Brad Hall — Adventures Unlimited, Ltd


“Pieter was a joy to work with as we developed a map for our role-playing world.  He provided frequent updates, relevant suggestions, and even ideas when asked.  Pieter provided a finished product very quickly and didn't complain when we made changes after he thought we were done.  I would heartily recommend him and his work to anyone.”

Kevin Flynn

— Shaxzis

"This is the first time I've commissioned work, and I had a lot of trepidation about the process. Pieter made everything very smooth, very professional. His style of communication and engagement instilled confidence and trust. Overall, the process of interacting and exchanging information was clear and reassuring.

On the artistic side, I could not be happier. I had a vision for Shaxzis that I'd tried many different ways to bring to life on my own, without much success. Pieter was able to grab onto that vision, pull it out of my head, and bring it to life in vivid detail. I could not be more pleased at the resulting map. Pieter proved to be a passionate partner on this project, and it was very much appreciated!"

Steven Mager — The Witchbreaker Saga

— Map of Viridia

"I poured hundreds of hours into creating Viridia for my first novel, and I searched for a long time to find a cartographer that could execute on the visions I had to bring Viridia to life in all of its savagery and beauty. Pieter delivered beyond expectations, with a map that explodes with vibrant detail, as though extracted from my mind with his own personal talent, even down to the font and the tiniest details. There is not a shred of doubt I would come back to him instantly for any other projects, and I would encourage anyone who wants a highly collaborative effort to bring their world to life to seek him out. You will not find a better partnership, and an incredibly talented and hard working artist. Thank you for the time and effort you poured into this piece."

Victor A. Vera

— Project Aurelia

 "It is a pleasure to work with Pieter. He knows how to keep the pressure off my shoulders and assured me that he would be able to give shape to my world...and boy, did he. More than a job, cartography is a passion for him and it shows in his desire to make the world of Aurelia and in his use of initiative. I will gladly continue to work with him."

Jake aka @Carlctrl

the Ember Isles

“Pieter was a complete professional from beginning to end.  He not only did outstanding artistic work, but also provided much appreciated advice throughout the process.  He stayed in constant communication, and made sure the final product was as I envisioned it.  Ember Isles came to life under Pieter's brush, and I've already been inspired to write some new stories based on the exciting locations he inked.  Should I ever need a cartographer again, Pieter will be my first choice.” 

R.T. Cayam 

Tentivu RPG

"Pieter is an all around great guy. Not only did he help bring the world to life, but he helped expand upon little ideas and inspiration that helps give that extra bit of character. Frequent updates, great communication, Pieter excels with his craft, and I am very glad that I had chosen him and I know he'll do the same great work with you!"

Pazbi Zavatzki — Deuterra RPG

Tell Rawja

“Pieter is a professional cartographer. I have worked with several artists online before but none have provided me a service as complete and as well communicated as Pieter. I look forward to when we can work together again.”