Toonsville – Home to Cartoon Characters

For his new comic book series, Mandril, P.I., author Christopher Brimmage needed a map to showcase the city where the adventures of his protagonist take place. Here's a short description of the place by the author himself:


"Toonsville is a 1950s-style noir metropolis teeming with cartoon creatures of every imaginable species whose lives and traditions are governed by cartoon tropes.


"The center of the city is a dilapidated, black-and-white neighborhood named The Grays that was created before color entered the world. Neighborhoods grew outward from there as new cartoons were created and new characters/species were invented. With few exceptions (Manny being one), species of toons tend to live in the neighborhoods created for them (e.g. The Rabbit Hole for rabbits, The Turtle Shell for turtles, Man-Hattan for humans)."


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