The Ember Isles


This map was created for a private roleplaying game of the same name. I had a ton of fun developing it, and Jake, the client, proved both very sure of what he wanted (which is wonderful in itself!) and a pleasure to work with. Below is a short description of how the story begins:


"Two years ago, explorers discovered a new island chain far from known shores and named it, The Ember Isles.  Since that time, there has been a slow stream of settlers and fortune hunters taking the long journey to the mysterious islands.  They established settlements on the largest island and began to make it their home.  Before long, they encountered some natives of the other islands and learned that there is a reason the largest island was never settled.   What lost secrets will the newcomers find as they explore the deep jungles, foreboding mountains, and unforgiving deserts of The Ember Isles?"