Caer Callowyn

Caer Callowyn is the castle just outside the eponymous town of Callowyn, a smallish lordship in western Araniell. It is ruled by Lord Alridd "the Scourge" Cwrnoid. Callowyn would be a town of little significance if it weren't for its Lord's insistence in participating in the recurrent war between the neighbouring country of Gaendyr and the Principalities on the other side of the Dragon's Backbone. The war is traditionally fought high in the Dragon's Backbone mountains, especially in the Ánglarain pass, where Alridd has earned quite a name for his fierceness in battle, and his mercilessness afterward. 


The map on this page details the castle Lord Alridd rules from, although for three quarters of the year, when he is out on War Business, it is actually his Lady Gined and their youngest son who are left to take care of the everyday rulings of the Lordship. To get a better idea of the geography of the region, be sure to check out this map