Living on the back of a turtle — Shaxzis!

This map shows a floating island that is actually a massive turtle, benevolent enough to stay floating at the surface so its inhabitants (a few hundreds of thousands of people!!) can lead a pleasant, prosperous life. The Bulwark—the ridge covering the frontal bits of its shield and its flippers—protects the Shaxzissians from the enormous waves that would otherwise sweep them to the unfathomable depths as Shaxzis swims.


Client asked me for a geography-and-biomes-only map, which I was very happy to provide, but he was okay with me producing one with a sprinkle of towns and cities too. So I drew a bunch, and gave them all nonsense names: all of the settlement names are mutations of words I heard this morning while listening to the radio, and the regions are all Latin names for different turtle species. Oh the laughs I had!


— 23 November 2020 —