Temple of the Bronze Gods

This map shows the island that hosts the temple to the Bronze Gods: a complex of three buildings and an eternal bonfire, each dedicated to (or built to ward off) one of the Gods. On top there's a top-down day view, at the bottom there's an isometric night view, weird lighting included, and in the middle you can take a peek at the four Bronze Gods themselves.    


This map shows part of the same world as my previous map, The Sacred Isles of Møstrvæya, where I briefly mentioned the Bronze Gods in the title. I had nothing particular in mind when I slapped those words in the title bit, but turns out I tickled the interest of enough people to get quite a few questions. Which of course I couldn't answer because I hadn't taken the time to invent a backstory, it was just a practice map! So... I tried to solve that here. While still not exactly elaborate, people can at least get an idea of their names and predicates, what they look like and the place where they are worshipped.


— 19 November 2020 —