The Dragon's Backbone

This map depicts the most important region featured in my upcoming fantasy cycle, the War of Blood and Darkness. It's not the first map of this world either—you can find a larger map with a ton of backstory here


If you look at that larger map, you'll immediately see why the main mountain range in this one is called the Dragon's Backbone. Squint a little, and you'll start seeing contours that look suspiciously recognizable: a huge spine in the middle, a tail pointed towards the south, a massive head looming up in the northwest, a set of claws below that and wings outstretched throughout the entire eastern half of the subcontinent. Whether or not these are the remains of an actual dragon or just a happy coincidence will remain a mysteryespecially for my readers, because everyone in the story has their own idea of course!


But whatever the truth behind the origin of the name, the map you see here depicts the area where much of the action takes place. 


The largest city on this map, Ganador (near the mouth of the river), has its own map too, which you can find here