The Sacred Isles of Møstrvæya

A fun little practice map with a Norse vibe and a colour scheme that's quite unusual for me. Done mostly to teach myself to get a little faster! I'm usually one to pore over semi-pixel details like a maniac, and I wanted to depart from that for a bit in this first self-declared "Mapvember" entry. 


The next map shows the island that hosts the temple to the Bronze Gods.


When I was doing the previous map, I found myself writing "Birth place of the Bronze Gods" without having any idea what that actually meant. So I went ahead and created a second map focusing on one tiny island that is home to these Gods' temple complex: three buildings and an eternal bonfire, each dedicated to (or built to ward off) one of the Gods. On top there's a top-down day view, at the bottom there's an isometric night view, weird lighting included, and in the middle you can take a peek at the four Bronze Gods themselves.